Dichotomy Engine - Blood Red Progress is out!

A few photos from gig in Subotica

Macabre Amalgam gig with Desya Lovorov Orchestra at Studio 11 @ Subotica

A gig to remember with Death Rattle

Upcoming gig - Death Rattle / Dichotomy Engine (as local support) at CK13

Photos from gig at Pelican Int Social Exchange

Upcoming gig at Pelican Int. with Alen Ilijic

Secret gig at Culture Exchange

Gear for Dichotomy Engine noise making part 4.

Gear for Dichotomy Engine noise making part 3.

Gear for Dichotomy Engine noise making part 2.

Gear for Dichotomy Engine noise making part 1.

Upcoming gig - Musick Holocaust

Dichotomy Engine on Toxic Cereals comp

Butterfly Tsunami used for project "Borders"

Second appearance on 2 komada necega show

Chaosphere Vol. 2 - Sleepwalk To Murder out!

We All Are Sons Of Japanoise compilation

Drone noise post rock gig video by Dichotomy Engine

Photos from gig at CK13, Novi Sad

Awesome gig at CK13 last night

Dichotomy Engine stickers series 01

Upcoming gig at CK13 w Tamerlan & MRT

Dichotomy Engine badges and stickers

Ispod Povrsine played Dichotomy Engine on BIR radio

New album, guitars and pedals

Zombies in Cold Love Fest

Dichotomy Engine on The Black Wave compilation!

Appearance on 2 komada necega Tv show

Cold Love Fest - Upcoming gig klub Zombi

F chosen for top Serbian release 2013

Icy Industrial Terror Night overview

Sticker bombing my Stratocaster

New video for Slow Decay

Upcoming gig - Industrial Terror Night