New album, guitars and pedals

Dichotomy Enginelive shoegaze noise

I am slowly working and finishing new Dichotomy Engine album, time is irrelevant with that in mind I dont care when it will be done. This period is one of the best since DE exists because more and more people are getting introduced to my music, live gigs and other stuff...
Its really awesome to see that some people are supporting this madness and I thank you all. This new stuff, new album is dedicated to all of you. Besides that , as you can see there is real mess when I make some new music, also you can see my pedalboard which is constantly changing. I have some new pedals like wah wah, leslie rotary effect, big muff pi. Pedalboard is satisfying my live gigs and I am able to produce a wide range of sounds. The only thing I will add , I hope soon, is a looper pedal. There are some nice loopers out there, and I love those small ones like ditto, jammam and today I saw hotone wally looper which is the smallest. Also there is new guitar among my guitar arsenal. I found an awesome Squier Strat and bought it for low price. This guitar was not even played. Its like new so I am happy with my purchase. Love this awesome guitar. Sunburst body gives it such classic touch which I adore. Now I am looking forward for more gigs, one is already scheduled in May 3rd.  Ok, I have to go now, see ya later my friends droners noisers and shoegazers.
Dichotomy Engine guitars and pedals

live noise drone music  shoegaze Dichotomy Engine

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