Gear for Dichotomy Engine noise making part 1.

noise making guitar gear / Dichotomy Engine

Well it was a long time I ranted about my gear, pedals, guitars and etc. As you may know I love guitar pedals yet I am not rich guy so every part of my gear is a cheap replica of famous and much expensive gear. But I don;t care much.
Yes it would be great to have all the fancy pedals, amps and axes but hey all this gear I own does the fucking job very well too! Also I think that human technology has come to the point that all those replicas are 90% similar to the originals. Even if they are not similar this stuff give nice stamp on my music and creativity.

Here you can see my Parts Stratocaster . This guitar is entirely assembled by me, every part was bought separately and made into this strange looking sticker bombed freakish guitar (read more about sticker bombing this guitar here). It is my main guitar for live Dichotomy Engine gigs, it plays almost nicely and has a bit higher action but I love it because of the struggle while playing a gig. This gives an extra effort when I perform live. Also is pretty sturdy guitar, because it is getting beaten every time it goes on stage with me. But anyway this Frankenstrat has nice bite and cuts great thorugh the mix. All the effects sound awesome when I play it. It took time to assemble this fucker, and also i spent a lot of time to collect and put all those stickers on it. Now it looks unique and everyone wants to see this strange guitar.

Second guitar which is not so exposed is my Fender Telecaster 52 replica. This guitar is one of my dearest guitars because I got it in an exchange and then I have realized that this guitar is meant for me. Even though I was Telecaster hater when I was young his guitar found me at the right time. I used it a lot on my new recordings and I must say this one gives a hell of a sound. It can be thin or thick, bright or dark sounding. The only things to adjust are pickups and volume / tone pots. I must say this is not replica from some China manufacturer, this one is custom made with finest wood from Serbia, and this is why it can compete with all the American telecasters. A fine craft by Serbian luthier. Maybe this one go out in public on some future gigs. We will see. Until then this Tele stays in my room.

This is first part of my blog about gear I use for Dichotomy Engine... Stay tuned for next part and more stories about guitars and effects.... 

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