Gear for Dichotomy Engine noise making part 3.

noise making post-rock drone gear by Dichotomy Engine

Hello to anyone who is reading this third part of my blog about gear I use for Dichotomy Engine music making. This third part will consist of one guitar and one amp. Last guitar in this blog is actually my first "good" guitar. Long ago when I was younger and started to play guitar my first electric guitar was Jolana Galaxis.
This Czech made guitar was my first electric and back then I was learning to play electric. It was my for a year or two and after some time I just wanted to have something better. Jolana was great begginers guitar but everything was bad, action, pickups neck... Back then I wanted and Ibanez and somehow I have sold Jolana and got some money from my mom and bought this Ibanez RX40. This Ibanez RX40 (more about it on the link) was and is still great guitar although it is cheap one. Guy sold it because he played it so little and it was made in 1996. Guitar was much better crafted because of the year it was made. I disliked the color but anyway it was unique. After some time I put Dimarzio Steves Special into it which made it real metal guitar. And this Ibanez went through a lot of gigs, with my bands and with Dichotomy Engine. Somehow this one is my signature guitar and everyone remembers this guitar. I love it, because it plays great, its awesome and I will never let it go. Also it was nicknamed "Murder" just because at the time playing arpeggios on it was like murder to my fingers.

My newest amp is Roland Cube 40 as you can see on the link. A long time passed by since I have got my own amp, and the last one was Laney. This Roland is 40 watt solid state amp. It is from the 80s and its now considered a vintage amp. I love this orange color because it looks like an Orange amp but sounds awesome. It has so nice cleans, and also can push all the effects through it and sounds great still. It is very versatile and can be used for jazz, blues, rock and etc... I think this one will stay with me a long time. If I dont fuck it up somehow...

I will save the last part for my pedalboard and effects pedals.... See you till the part 4!

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