Gear for Dichotomy Engine noise making part 4.

ambient shoegaze post-rock noise dichotomy engine

As you may already know, I am a freak geek when it comes to guitar pedals. This last part is all about pedals, effects and similar stuff. Long ago, when I have started to play guitar I got no idea what the effects pedals and processors really are. But when I gathered my first band I easily noticed that you need a pedal to get some kind of aggressive sound that you couldn't get from the amp. All the amps I had were cheap ones.
Also it was good to have one if you go somewhere else to play on someone's amp. After some time I gathered some money to buy my first overdrive pedal by Maxtone. It was doing good job and now I regret selling it. I did this because my current amp had great sound with DIST switch and I needed money for something else. Then after a year I made my first DIY pedal called Obsidian distortion. This pedal is still here, and it melts faces with such aggressive sound. My next effect was Digitech RP150 processor. Back then it was a state of the art budget processor. I still own it and it is awesome even now. I use it now and then but it can get you some really sweet sounds and it is so compact and sturdy. This RP150 served me well for a couple of years and then I decided to save my money for pedals which will be on my future pedalboard. Since then I am buying and selling them keeping ones I like and as you can see majority of them are cheap ones. I love pedals but always tend to check out some cheap ones on the internet so then I can buy and try what kind of sounds make those budget ones. Combinations of the pedals on my handmade pedalboard (click here to see the pedalboard) are always changing so be sure this photo is not definitive order on my pedalboard. It wouldnt be excited if it always stayed the same. Yes the pedalboard is handmade and it cost me about 7euros and it can carry all of pedals that I need for my gigs. I also have a smaller pedalboard, which I found last month. Power for my pedals is handmade by one guy who makes this stuff and he also made my Russian Big Muff clone which is awesome. Power adapter works great and I am really satisfied with it. As you can see I can power 11 pedals with it easily. If you are interested how some of these pedals work just ask me in the comments and I will tell you my experiences. Latest pedal here is Behringer Vintage Distortion and this one really grows on me because it has that dirty old sound and also it has a mod which works great if you are a noise lover like me because this noise changes as you play but still has this "lovely" buzzing white noise or whatever.

My current pedals are:

- SoundKing Volume
- Rocktron Classic Wah
- Behringer Rotary Machine
- Nobels ODR1 Natural overdrive
- DOD Classic Fuzz FX52
- Behringer Overdrive / Distortion OD100
- Maxtone Metal Rocker
- Russian Big Muff Clone
- Behringer Vintage Distortion VD1 - with Noise mod
- Behringer Compression Limiter CL9
- Danelectro Hash Browns Flanger
- Behringer Ultra Chorus UC200 x2
- Behringer Digital Delay DD100
- Behringer Digital Delay DD400
- Digitech JamMan Solo
- Fame Akai Analog Delay AD-10

Other stuff (not pedals):

- Digitech RP100
- Digitech RP150
- Phonic MU 802 mixer

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