Awesome gig at CK13 last night

MRT live @ CK13 03/05/2014
MRT live @ CK13 03/05/2014
Hi there, i just wanted to tell you how awesome last nights gig was. This was one of those gigs you can only enjoy being a musician. The lineup consisted bands Tamerlan and Mrt besides Dichotomy Engine. Main man behind Tamerlan is Timur my friend from Belgrade, and as you know Mihajlo is man responsible for oldschool industrial sickness called Mrt. Both of those two are my dear friends and my partners in crime when I lived in Belgrade.
We still tell the stories about our crazy nights in Belgrade so every time we meet I am sure it will be a great one. This one was no exception.
I had a great time in backstage with Timur and his crew from Istanbul - Josh and Miri. Those two are really nice people and I am glad to have a chance to meet and spend time with them talking about stuff. Of course Mihajlo, Timur and I had our stories to tell each other and to drink together as usual. This time we drank much smaller amounts than before.
Well its time to tell how the gig went... I was first on the bill to perform so I got on the stage and started to play my stuff. This time I made much different setlist, and much newer than before. This had a great result which was much dynamic performance which was a nice punch in the face of the crowd. I loved it and they loved it too. Also I called everyone to take a step closer to the stage and to take free badges from my pedalboard. Many people took those bagdes :) that was great! And by the last song I was sure that my performance had nice impact on the crowd. I had a great time and many of people there had great time too.Thank you all for this!
Dichotomy Engine live @ CK13 03/05/2014
Dichotomy Engine live @ CK13 03/05/2014

After my set came Mrt with their effects and obscure instruments and so-called noise makers :) Mrt had setlist made of their old school industrial songs with spoken word by Dalibor Radovanac. I love this kind of music but many people in the crowd couldnt understand it. So they went out or to the bar while Mrt was on stage. Also this was Mrt first performance and it was great. Great support for Mrt!

And finally the band we all waited for - Tamerlan stepped out on the stage! If you dont know Tamerlan is brainchild of Timur Iskandarov. It is dark folk acoustic band from Istanbul, Turkey. Timur lived in Belgrade but he lives in Istanbul now. This time he was accompanied with Josh as his wingman on rhythm guitar. It was awesome as I expected. Songs came one by one flawlessly played and the atmosphere was so intense. Tamerlan closed this night great and the crowd was pleased and we wanted more but it was time for goodbye.
Tamerlan live @ CK13 03/05/2014
Tamerlan live @ CK13 03/05/2014

And as I said, this was an awesome gig at CK13 despite the rain, I hope that Dichotomy Engine will share stage with Tamerlan and MRt again and
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