Dichotomy Engine - Blood Red Progress is out!

Blood Red Progress is out -- Dichotomy Engine

Without any special pre-announcement Dichotomy Engine is releasing "Blood Red Progress" album today! This album is newest solo LP release since "Mass Desolation" EP in 2011 and "Transcend" album in 2010. It has 11 tracks and one bonus track.  This album was made slowly without any deadlines and it release date was unknown just with that reason in mind.
I have decided to put it out suddenly and without any previous announcement. Also this album got its story ... well it is better to figure it out yourself. There is a lot of drone, noise, shoegaze, ambient influences which are so obvious it is redundant to mention, so just listen.

Dichotomy Engine - Blood Red Progress [2014]

Tracklist for "Blood Red Progress" album
01 - Stab in the Back
02 - Dichotomy Engine is Dead
03 - Slow Decay
04 - Blood Red Progress
05 - I Wish You Noise Here
06 - Without Regret
07 - Melody in the Noise
08 - Find Me Underground
09 - Road to Purgatory
10 - Reconciliation
11 - Ars Moriendi
12 - Butterfly Tsunami (bonus track)

As I said, the best way to learn more about it is to check it out. This is a free release and you can download and listen to it here - https://dichotomyengine.bandcamp.com/album/blood-red-progress

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