Sticker bombing my Stratocaster

Stickered Stratocaster

This guitar was a project from the beginning. I had an idea to make guitar from parts I will find on the internet. So after some time, maybe month or two I had all the parts needed. Then it was no problem to make this Strat.
But then I felt something was missing. I always loved sticker art and guitars from other famous guitarists who sticker up their guitars and I did few times on my other guitars. But those stickers were carefully put on guitar so the guitar wont be ruined for good. I wanted a guitar where stickers would be all over the body, so original body paint would be barely visible. Few weeks ago I've started sticker bombing this guitar, I've got a bunch of awesome sticker from my friends and my favorite brands. I thank all of them for sending me these great stickers. So after a month of fiddling with scissors, guitar and all kinds of stickers this is what my Strat looks like. I love it. Maybe I will put some additional stickers on the back of the guitar because there are still some small empty spaces but I will do it eventually.

Stickers on the back side of Strat

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Ceyron Louis
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  1. This is awesome! I'm currently in the process of sticker bombing a guitar myself and I'm at the point where I've covered every inch with stickers but now I want to cover the stickers with a protective layer. Did you use lacquer or anything to put a protective coat over the stickers? I'm leaning towards getting a bunch of spray lacquer from Stewmac and I'm hoping that enough lacquer will create a smooth surface so that you can see, but not feel the stickers below.

  2. Hello there, I cannot reply you in any other way than this, because there is not email or google profile on which I can send you private message. Btw, this guitar has got some more stickers, but i was never going to use any lacquer cover over those stickers. They are sticking well covering it with lacquer will lose some of the "grittines" i wanted it to have. But that is my taste I wanted to feel them. I bet laquer will look good too, but I am not sure how it will stick on stickers :) All the best mate, and i hope you will make it good. Post some photos when you finish it.