A gig to remember with Death Rattle

Post-rock noise drone Dichotomy Engine gig

Last gig at CK13 which I played as a support band to Death Rattle was simply awesome. First of all, I was honestly honored to play before UK Death Rattle and secondly this time I really tried to give my best performance yet. Somehow it all went great! A lot of fans were there, they loved my performance and my newly created projections which followed my playlist. Thank you all who liked my music and who supported my act.
After DE finished Death Rattle came on the stage and they blew us all away with their excellent performance and great songs. Band which deserves a lot more attention. They gave us a bit more than hour of gig. Thanks guys! They were very nice people and it was a pleasure to meet them and spend time before the gig and after with them. We all had very enjoyable time. I hope we will share the stage again somewhere in near future. Again it was proven that this kind of music has a fanbase, and no matter how big or small it is, it "pays off" to push forward and play gigs no matter what.

Live at CK13 - death rattle, uk

Awesome gig Dichotomy Engine live drone shoegaze noise performance

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