Gear for Dichotomy Engine noise making part 2.

It is time for me to continue story about my gear. Continuing where I have stopped last time. Third guitar that was seldom used for Dichotomy Engine is Australian made Les Paul-ish guitar called Comet made by Inferno Guitars.
Story about this guitar is really interesting. Some years ago I stumbled upon Inferno guitars on the internet and I was interested to do a custom guitar for me. After some time I found a way how to do it. Because my main profession is web developing and design, I helped them at Inferno guitar to make a new website and after doing that they have sent me this beautiful Comet and acoustic Songbird guitar. Inferno Comet has that unique Les Paul sound, mahogany body and sounds killer live. But this is guitar which is rarely used for DE. Just in special occasions.

Next is Squier Bullet Strat which I acquired a few months ago and it slowly becomes one of my favorite guitars. This Squier is 2009 Chinese Strat, and I know this is the cheapest strat you can get but anyway this piece is so nice. I was looking for sunburst body and that was the most important thing above all. Also playability and other things came as plus. Genuinely it had humbucker at the bridge but I have changed it to single pickup. Also this single pickup is Dimarzio HS3 and it does nice job of humbucking while sound is unique for single pickup. It was already used for some new stuff and will be used for live gigs for sure. Cant be more satisfied with such cheap guitar which does great job on both fields.

That's all for this part... More to come in part 3 - Gear for Dichotomy Engine noise making....

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