Dichotomy Engine is led by Drazen Djordjevic, musician from Serbia. At the end of 2007 influenced by the sound of many ambient musicians and bands, Drazen starts to creates sound of Dichotomy Engine. Dichotomy Engine creates music which has variously been described as ‘noisegaze’, ‘post-rock’ and ‘ambient’, combining the atmospheric textures and elements of experimental and drone music often with the heaviness and volume of metal and noise music.

Dichotomy Engine’s sound is evolving constantly, always working and exploring many ways to record and play with different ideas. Since 2007. Dichotomy Engine has released 4 albums, 2 ep's, 3 collaboration albums and participated on more than 15 worldwide compilations so far. DE is also performing live and his energetic and performances are part of his live shows.

You can download Dichotomy Engine Press kit HERE.

Read all the reviews for Dichotomy Engine releases HERE.

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