Appearance on 2 komada necega Tv show

Dichotomy Engine on tv show 2 komada necega

This week some of my tracks are going to be featured on alternative Tv show called "2 komada necega" on TV Art. This is such an awesome thing because it is the first time my music is on Tv show.
Also this show is done by young cast and young promising director Natalija Z Zivkovic. Big thanks to her because she gave me the chance to get on her show!  "2 komada necega"  is about undeground culture of acting and in unusual scripts. This episode is about a man who invented new language - Esperanto two and they also reveal a secrets behind making of tv commercials. Soon I will post this show when they put it online on youtube. Check out "2 komada necega" page and support this awesome show!

Dichotomy Engine guest on 2 komada necega tv

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