Guitar pedal distortion sticker bomb

Somehow I got addicted to sticker bombing after my sticker bomb guitar project (you can see it here). It was really great thing to spend time and gather so many kinds of stickers and every day to stick some of them on parts of the body on my guitar. So guided by this great experience I decided to do same thing to this distortion pedal. So as you can see this was a much smaller project than guitar but nevertheless it came up really nice.
I decided to make this pedal all covered in Dichotomy Engine stickers I made earlier - (check them here) and to make it somehow a signature DE pedal :) of course this is just for fun. I love how it turned out in the end. I have some more small things to do with it but 90% of sticker bombing of this guitar pedal is already done. Maybe it needs to be covered with a coat of something, some shit that will keep all this small parts of stickers together. Do you like it?

guitar pedal sticker bombed

stickered guitar pedal distortion stickered

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