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Last time I have told you a story about my use of guitar effects through the years. This time story continues just because I have worked on my pedalboard since then and as you can see in the photo above there are some new stuff. Because of many pedals I wanted to pack them in nice suitcase which will make everything easier.
So I've found cheap and sturdy plastic suitcase which was used for some kind of electric drill and I have adapted it to be a nice pedalboard. It was not an easy job but nevertheless it came out great. This suitcase now can pack easily ten BOSS sized pedals and one volume or wah wah pedal without any problems. I am very pleased and happy with this homemade pedalboard. There are few things to do, such as make unused side of pedalboard detachable and the other is to find new lock because one is missing (but anyway one lock is keeping it closed too).

Also if you read first post about this pedalboard ( you can see that there are also some changes in pedal order, some pedals are missing and there is a new one there also.
I have found nice little pedal by Danelectro called Hash Browns flanger. For the money you cant find this kind of flanger anywhere and it sounds awesome. Also I have changed the order for DOD Classic Fuzz and Digitech Hot Rod, because in a process of making this pedalboard it sounded better this way.
Also this Behringer CL9 Compressor Limiter somehow has a sound that is a bit better than DC9 which was there last time.
So this is my pedalboard for now and I love it, we will see how long it will stay this way. I am sure that this suitcase is enough for my needs, the only question is which pedals will be on it and in which combination.

As you can see, there are no expensive boutique pedals nor any Boss pedals and similar stuff there. All the pedals are cheap mainly Behringer which are damn good copies of Boss and similar pedals and have same sound the only difference is plastic casing. Also you can find Maxtone, Digitech, DOD, Danelectro and Daphon pedals. This pedal chain makes me happy for now, and who knows maybe I'll make another but expensive pedalboard in the future. Will this make significant change in the sound? Time will tell.

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