Story about use of guitar effects / pedals in Dichotomy Engine's sound

For a few years I have used only my computer as main instrument while creating Dichotomy Engine's music. And after some time the question of live performances has risen, so I started to think how could this crazy music could been performed live.
Of course my main instrument, guitar was automatically involved into process and first effects were just pure use of my laptop and Guitar Rig software. And I loved it, with my DI box it worked well for the beginning. But in some cases it can be shit because laptop can easily brake and all of the effects would be lost. There were some minor issues of bad grounding noise but not much of a problem.

Next logical step was live use of my Digitech multi-effect processor. Great effects in one small processor where I've stored all kinds of crazy effects. I use it even today when some of those patches can be involved in some small sets. Finally after a lot of time I became supporter of guitar effects in pedals. And now its the best choice for me and my live performances. Pedals are great not just for the better sound and ease of use, but they give me opportunity and free space to modify their sound "on the fly" while performing and that's the one of the main things for me while creating my sounds live. 

Here you can see my recent pedalboard. Some of the pedals that are not here are changing constantly so sometimes I switch from DOD FX52 Classic Fuzz to Danelectro Fuzz, or change Maxtone Metal Rocker with hand made Obsidian Distortion. Be sure that pedalboard for me are is always an ongoing project and will evolve constantly. Also this pedalboard is now affecting new material which I am writing for Dichotomy Engine upcoming record.

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Ceyron Louis
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  1. Wow! Those are wonderful effects pedals. I wish to hear you play with them. Maybe you can share a video sometime because I love watching and listening to music with the use of these pedals. Anyhow, I truly believe that these effect pedals can really give a different twist and sound on our guitars. You just have to know how to do it and what kind of pedals to use.