New albums are on the way

It's October and this Engine is finally working as it should be. After a long time, new songs are getting ready which will become new Dichotomy Engine album. Dichotomy Engine never had actual fan base or audience to be the reason of constant album making, and maybe its a good thing because I only approve making music when I feel the right time for it.
And the right time came.
All the work started lightly in September, I changed my approach to recording just because I have new and a bit better devices for it. Also I have learnt some new tricks which are tremendously affecting overall sound of songs. Album will be mix of everything that represented Dichotomy Engine through these years. Ambient, drone, shoegaze, electro, noise, metal and a bit of new post rock sound. Name of the album is already here and it is called - "Blood Red Progress" and I hope it will be the best album so far. Release date is not yet known but I am sure it will come out before New year.

Also I have met a guy who makes awesome ambient music with his project Spleen. I was amazed with quality of his ambient stuff and we met and talked about a split release. This was a no brainer that we should do it, so you can expect this split album out soon. It is awesome, I needed this kind of boost because it was a while since I made this kind of ambient which reminds me of my early work with Dichotomy Engine. Album will be called "F" and why is this name you will know when it's out. Until then check out Spleen's latest album "Bol bez odjeka" HERE.

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