Photos from sudden Dvoriste gig

Last Saturday Dichotomy Engine had a gig at klub Dvoriste. Being the only performer that night was not so fun, I prefer to have gigs with more bands or projects beside DE. It is not a problem for me to perform alone but it is more fun and its just nicer to have someone to drink and have a laugh with while preparing for gig. Also I love to listen to other artists and enjoy others music before or after my performance.
People who came to see and listen to DE were ok, majority of them do not know this kind of music but some of them enjoyed which is great. I had some technical problems (my power supply for pedals broke in the middle of the gig) so that was a setback also some tech things were sloppy. Anyway check out these few photos of the gig from klub Dvoriste, Hope this next gig will be much better!

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