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DICHOTOMY ENGINE is all about atmosphere. This is the kind of Ambient music you're looking for to let your imagination leave the main road to take bypasses. Each track works in the continuity of the previous one under a constant but different doomed melody pervading the whole work, contributing to the creation of a continuous fateful atmosphere.

TEARS OF SPACE CRICKETS PRELUDE works as a nice intro into a disturbing atmosphere and unsettling sounds, opening your mind to a wide range of dark landscapes. Some sounds even achieve to make you feel "trapped" in some way.
Remaining in the same atmospheric core, OUT ON THIS LAND is more rhythmic, with "black metal-like" voice samples rejuvenating the track when it is about to flatten, the atmosphere is thus kept sustained till the end.
THE ANTONIA GRAZA is calmer, slower. This is maybe the least good track, not that it's inconsistent with the others, but it lacks some of its own dynamics.
LAST THREE MINUTES offers a new point of view to explore, some samples used in this one sound like old video games soundtrack but with some inspired feelings with a variety in rhythm and melodies.
The last track, CONSTANT EXTENSION, crowns the four previous tracks: quicker rhythm and melodies make you feel the doomed fate has come nearer. Technically, there's an interesting insertion of some piano keys in this one with a change in rhythm which perfectly matches the title of the track, like you're running to some never-ending somewhere. The addition of some tapping/ tipping sounds gives it some unsettling aspect which contributes to the finality of the whole work.

To conclude, DICHOTOMY ENGINE succeeds in creating a consistent ambient atmosphere. Intro and outro are particularly successful in creating a continuity and leading thread in the whole work which explores variety in sounds. The only bad critique to be made is that the large scope of sounds explored (not in melodies) may make the listener feel a bit at a loss sometimes, despite the guiding melody thread. Anyway, next album is impatiently awaited.

Review done by Mn3m0-[5yn34]

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